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Supply Protection has different settings regarding the relevance of protection. With S/4 HANA OP2023 a new setting was introduced. This setting is even more restrictive compared with the setting “Restriction outside time bucket”.

The new setting is called “Restriction outside planned protection” and it is the first time where also the protected quantity of a time bucket has an immediate impact on the result. The other settings are described in the blog Restriction by Own Protection in Supply Protection.

With the logic of “Restriction outside Planned Protection”, the availability check ensures that all orders matching a protection group at least can get a confirmation within the boundaries of their own protected quantities.

The priority of the protection group is still relevant as in case of a shortage, lower priorities will not get the requested quantities. However, also a high prioritized demand is only privileged if the protected quantities are not consumed. Demands exceeding the own protection of a time bucket are restricted by all protections – also by the protection of lower priorities.

This leads to the logic that all planned protections potentially will get a confirmation if the stock/supply is not below the protection. If the stock/supply exceeds the protection all demands have the same chance to get these quantities following a FIFO-Logic.



Restriction outside planned protection

In this example the request matches a Supply Protection Object with the setting “Restriction outside planned protection”. The demand matches the protection group with priority 2 according to its characteristics and the 2nd time bucket according to the requested delivery date. The requested quantity is 1000. This exceeds the remaining protection of the matching time bucket.
In other words, there are 800 within the privileged check quantity and 200 outside of the privileged check quantity.
Within the availability check two iterations are done. The first check within the privileged check quantity only considers other SUP-Objects and protections of equal or higher priority. In this example the 800, which are within the privileged check quantity are confirmed.
The remaining 200 are outside of the privileged check quantity. Therefore, the own protection is considered as restriction but also lower priorities. In addition, the stock is already reduced due to the confirmation of the 800 for the first iteration.
In this situation the additional 200 will not get confirmed as the restrictions are too high. This helps to also keep quantities for the other protection groups, so that they can also get the planned minimum quantities.


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