Students can get SAP-Certified for Free – Here is the Why and How

As technology continues to permeate every aspect of our lives, obtaining certifications has emerged as a valuable step for students to secure rewarding job opportunities. And we have good news for students looking to start their career:

SAP is offering 1000 free SAP Certification exam attempts exclusively to students!  You can register here: Link. First come, first serve.

Why become certified?

The globally recognized SAP Certifications are proof of competence at the highest level of specialized SAP expertise. This can unlock the door to promising opportunities! SAP is used by thousands of companies worldwide, creating an ecosystem full of technology enthusiasts, cutting-edge technology, and innovations. Get certified and take the chance to secure a future-proof job in a global community looking to leave a mark in the world.

How to find the right SAP Certification for you?

SAP Learning offers a variety of certification-focused learning journeys on many topics, SAP solutions and skill levels. Many of the professors in the SAP University Alliances also teach SAP solutions in their classes. In some cases, you may be ready to sit for the relevant certification exam just by taking their class. In most cases we recommend completing the associated learning journey to fully prepare.

Of course, there are many possible learning journeys and certifications. Also, the list of certification-focused learning journeys is expanding. You can explore the full list here. Additionally, learners may earn a record of achievement (badge) after successfully completing many of the introductory learning journeys.

Four of the most popular learning journeys leading to certification include:

How to navigate the SAP certification process?

Apply for a Free Certification Voucher

  1. Request your voucher here (use your university email address only)
  2. Receive a discount code via email
  3. Immediately redeem the code to claim your free voucher

Claim Voucher and Register for Certification

Fine Print

  • Discount codes can only be redeemed once and are not to be shared publicly or privately
  • Be prepared to prove your status as an actively enrolled student with your student email address (otherwise student ID/certificate of enrollment is sufficient)
  • Be ready to take your exam within 6 months of receiving your discount code
  • Exams are remotely proctored via a webcam
  • After passing the exam, you will receive an SAP Global Certification digital badge that can be widely shared across social media to celebrate your achievement

How to pass the certification exam?

Here are tips to successfully attain an SAP Certification:

  1. Complete the relevant Learning Journey on Student Zone – even if you learned about the solution in your course, reviewing the learning journey ensures you are introduced to all content potentially on the exam.
  2. Study, study, study. An industry certification is different than a typical university exam. Every detail matters.
  3. Gather as much information as you can about the exam itself (weight given to topics, sample questions, pass mark, number of questions, time allowed).
  4. Be aware that some questions require more than one answer. The exam application will not alert you if you have answered too few or too many.
  5. The exam tool does not tell you how far into the exam you are (e.g., question 57 of 80). You can note down how many questions there are in each section, so that you always know exactly where you are.

Most importantly, have confidence and trust that you know your stuff!

When you achieve certification, be sure to tag #UniversityAlliances when you share your success on social media so we can celebrate with you!  Then head over to the Career Corner, where you can explore new career growth opportunities.

We wish you the best of luck!

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